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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and where it is headed next. and the rookie's in charge. hear what carson wentz has to say about being named the starting quarterback, for the eagles. well, today is tuesday, september the six, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas. wake the kids. it is back to school for a lot of them this morning. katie and meisha telling you what you need to know. >> the commute will be busy because everyone is back on the roadways, this epp we have four accidents out there. a lot of changes to mass transit so we will get into all of that coming up in a little bit. >> all morning information to cover. thankfully weather looks pretty good at least on dry land. still of courts have hermine to discuss, and maybe bring the shower to the immediate shore line. overall, i think you are looking at sunshine today guys. main weather headline at least moving forward now is the sunshine and heating up, actually start to feel more like it is the dead heat of summer, as we hit the tail end of the work week and school week. for now storm scan at least locally pretty quiet because you see the outer bands from hermine still out there
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helping to churn up the surf too, with the system sitting and spinning taught sea. but the further you go, real nice looking start to the day. breeze, granted, pretty modest outside live neighborhood network at kutztown area middle school. these kids back for over a week now, 67 degrees there, little variety pack generally pretty darn comfortable, unless you're in the far outskirts of the suburbs and is the it i. you could get away with just short and t-shirt, sending the kids out to the school bus today. testifily heat up later today. i wouldn't necessarily say you have to have layers ready to go on day lick this, but it will feel certainly hotter as the day progresses, in philly the high hits 87 degrees at about the time the kids are riding home on the bus have scoop. -- school. here's hoping they don't get homework on the first day of school. >> the teach that's do that, right, why do you do that? >> hit the grounds running. >> he loved it, loves giving
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homework, first day. here you go, kids no other teachers did that. >> good morning, guys. so what we're looking at here, beautiful shot, overbrook train station, city avenue. just bear with me, but if you could imagine, this has tons of snow around, there the christmas light, wouldn't that be gorgeous shot? paoli thorndale line, new regional rail schedules taking effect today. some actually took effect sunday. but come today, as well. media elwyn, manayunk, norristown, paoli, thorndale, trenton, west trenton, warminster, wilmington and newark. also added bus service to alleve ate train crowding, manayunk norristown, media elwyn jenkintown and he will wins park. we have a lot more to cover, in about 15 more minute. jim, over to you. >> thank so much, meisha. bill cosby will be back in
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court this morning with streamline defense team as he faces sex assault charges. >> he is accused of drugging and assaulting a woman 12 years ago. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch live outside the montgomery county caught house where cosby could find out his trial date today. >> reporter: brooke, jim, good morning, that's right, lawyer set to haggle over key they had a could shape bill cosby's penned being trial, trial today could get a date. at issue, potentially damaging evidence here. deposition in which cosby recalls the pills and alcohols he gave accuser andrea con stand before sexual encounter he calls concentual in 204. as montgomery county home. then the next year, a taped for call between cosby and constand 'd mother he report those same event. constand agreed civil settlement with cosby now age 792 years later. that would overseen by then month co-da bruce castor in so-called deal, relying on
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cosby's deposition. a deal cosby understood what would be that testimony, and his not facing criminal prosecution. but, current montgo da kevin steel says that deal is not binding to him, and a criminal case could still go for the. >> it was intoxicate to go her. >> so-called incident continues to, the complaint and the, accepted dinner invitation from mr. cosby, returned to mr. cosby's home, and ultimately, after returning to canada, the complaintand the asked for tickets to a concert that he was performing at, went to the concert and presented him with a gift. >> now, back live, in recent years, accusations like constant's have could come up to cosby, could come up in court, today. now missing already lawyer monique presley who made several media appearances on cosby's behalf, he's also
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retained a new la based law firm, to oversee defemation suits against him. live in norristown, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", brooke, jim, back into you. >> thank you so much, justin. >> now, new this morning, philadelphia's police say they hope surveillance video can help them solve a shooting in lawncrest. investigators say they believe it happened after an argument on the 500 block of rosa lee street. they say the victim is in stage condition with a gunshot wound to the leg. >> police are also investigating a fatal shooting in the mt. airy section of philadelphia this morning. around 9:30 last night, police say, 29 year old was shot in the back of his head, inside home on the 8300 block every williams avenue. officials say his family heard an argument in the basement, before those shots rang out. internal affair investigating shooting at the home after off duty philadelphia police officer in northeast philadelphia. it happened just after 6:30 last night on the 2700 block of taunton street. police tell "eyewitness news" it began as an altercation between that offer duty officer and the family member.
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that led to the officer's off duty gun being fired at least twice, striking the individual in the torso. that person is in stable condition. happening today, six people killed, 13 people were hurt, when a building under demolition collapsed and crushed salvation army thrift store at 23rd and market street. both the demolition contractor and the excavator face criminal charges. today's trial will decide if any individuals or corporate entities are financially liable. this morning, still no sign of an oregon man who police say went missing during the made in america festival. philadelphia police say nelson armstrong was separate from the friends sunday around 11:30 in the evening. armstrong is described as five-ten, 16 a pounds, with brownish curly hair. anyone with any information is asked to call police. >> well, the sunday, new era begins for the philadelphia
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eagles. >> carson wentz becomes the very first eagles rookie quarterback ever to start the season opener. and right here on cbs-3. eagles picked went for the second pick in a draft, played one pre-season game before rib injury side lined him. but wentz will start sunday against the browns. >> i knew i was ready. i knew i was taking a mental rest being out the last couple of weeks, even going into the first game, first pre-season game, couple of -- developed at a fast pace, and now it is here. now it is here and i'm really confident in myself and confident in this team and excited for it. >> fans are pumped, too, they like what they've seen so far, the new eagles quarterback. >> last year they did okay. this year i think they're going to do a lot better because of carson wentz. >> when i seen him in college he was okay, wasn't the bets, but a good fit. >> i think he'll make rookie mistakes, no other way to learn than on the job. >> don't miss minute of carson wentz's day by all here on
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cbs-3, this is up day live from lynn congress financial field, it start 11:30 with the sunday kickoff, at 12:00nfl today, and 1:00 is game time. stay with us, for the post game show at 4:00. >> well still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, the jersey shore dodged a bullet from hermine. but the storm still impacted the area. see what damage was done along the coast. >> and, there is a warning for families to be vigilant after report of creepy clowns luring kids expand into a second state. finds out where the children say they were approached coming up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> for many it is back to work after a long holiday weekend. they include some student going back to school. good luck getting back to reality. katie has your forecast coming
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>> many canceled their labor day plans because of hermine. >> but many pressed their luck and stuck around. >> dangerous riff current kept swimmers out of the ocean, but the weather was nice enough yesterday to keep people on the board. those who stayed say they were grateful hermine didn't cause any imagine or problems. >> a lot of people didn't come
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down due to the weather. and we just had the whole beach to ourselves. >> we decided to just go, see what's going to happen. and i'm glad we did. >> despite the traffic on the board, business owners say sales from this labor day weekend were cut in half from a normal holiday weekend. >> and, while hermine didn't pack major punch for much of our area, some south jersey beaches are feeling the storm's effect. chopper three, right over north wildwood, errosion left behind cliffs on the beach that were several feet high in some spots. >> wow. look at that compared to those people walking right there, yes. >> i was fortunate. i was in bucks county. and the weather, katie, promised, and she delivered. and every single day i owe you money. >> all right, i'll take it. >> but i owe you money of some sort. >> big shiny quarters headed your way. >> couple of shiny dimes, ya. you know, hermine is believe it or not still a story out there, it is still churning up the surf even at this point, thankfully, any kinds of major
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coastal flooding issues, long since gone by the wayside. but the storm still pretty close by. so the seas still rough, rip countries social security still, there we are still going to have to deal with the possibility maybe of a shower at the shore, but keeping that ocean water very choppy for the next couple of days. high pressure generally the story elsewhere, really east of the mississippi in place. do have another front starting to get it act together back over the northern high planes, eventually next wet weather producer, at lows in s glands communities. show that to you here on future weather. so here is hermine. we're still going to see little cloud cover across the jersey coastline specially, but possibly rotating couple of showers here and there into that area, the rest of lust stay dry, time stamp on this 4:00 p.m. today. anyone fair game for showers at the shore at some point today, maybe even tomorrow. then look ahead to thursday, that's when that next front comes along, and specially late in the day, there could be pop up shower or thunderstorm, so that's really the next chance region wide for shower or storm, if your travels do take you to the
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shore, maybe live there, going back to school, possibility of shower today, maybe tomorrow, but keeping the odds good that we stay generally dry. thursday looks warm, humid, with more sunshine and heating up in the city too guys. thursday, friday, saturday, all topping off in at least low to mid 90s, flirt with record back on friday, because of it, by the time we hit saturday though the next cold front coming along, will trigger few showers or thunderstorms, could linger into eagles game day sunday. >> okay, katie great information, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. so what we are looking at 95 south at cottman, we do have disable vehicle pulled all the way off to the far right, and it is causing some slow downs, not to mention, just have a loft vehicles out there. take a look at this, 95 south at cottman, kind of birds eye view coming around the bends. see how slow it is, no longer traveling at six a miles per hour around that area. also new jersey 42 freeway at creek road, heating up here as well as you approach 295. just see sea of vehicles out, there kind of what it is starting to lock like, almost everywhere we do look.
6:15 am
also an accident in cinnaminson, new jersey, truck hit a tree here riverton road near pomona drive. can slow you down little bit now that vehicles are out there. also, car fire on the pa turnpike before norristown, right lane block, due to the car fire, later on have tow truck to slow you down even morement just a heads up. a lot going on this morning, give yourself some extra time, brooke, over to you. >> authorities in three state now say they are investigating after a man dressed up in a clown costume and tried to lure children into the woods. they say the most recent incident happened sunday night in winston salem north carolina. police say two kids were outside playing when they heard a noise coming from the woods. the kids say when they went to look, a man dressed in a clown costume, offered them treats, if they came into the woods with him. >> it is a man in the woods say come here, i got ice cream and candy. >> i'm not sure what to believe. the way they were last night and the way they were today, though woke up still scared. >> so far there have been
6:16 am
report of similar lurings in north carolina, south carolina and wisconsin. >> well, still ahead this morning from creepy news to kind stuff, it is the random act every kindness that went viral, now two unlikely friends are reunited. >> a great football player, and awesome superstar. this week -- >> football player travis rudolph made headlines when he sat with a autistic boy at lunch. but now there is another chapter in the heart-warming story. wait until you see the thrill he just gave his number one fan, that's next.
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>> welcome back, college football player who befriended a boy with autism thrilled his fan. >> that was after he sat with the fan in school. this is the other surprise, good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning, brooke, jim. unlikely friendship between a young autistic boy, from tallahassee, and the football player, has blossomed into this feel good story. >> surprise on monday, the florida state season opener not to mention his own superstar status. >> florida state-wide receiver travis rudolph continue his winning streak on and off the field. >> and that touchdown. travis rudolph.
6:20 am
>> with one of his biggest fans, sixth grader bo, cheering him on. >> travis is a great football player, and an awesome superstar. >> the star player made national headlines when this moment of kindness went viral. five florida state players were visiting bo's tallahassee middle school as part of a community service program. when rudolph saw bo sitting alone in the cafeteria. >> once i got up, like i just seen him by himself. hey, like a spotlight, i guess, something clicked in my head, just let me go ask if i can sit with him. >> bo is autistic, and most days no one sat next to him during lunch. his mother thanked rudolph for this heartwarming gesture on facebook. >> i don't know what made him pick bo. but i'm so grateful he did. >> and while everyone wants to sit with bo at school now. >> i'm superstar. everybody recognizes me. >> his superstar streak isn't over yet. on monday, bo was invited by rudolph to meet the entire team and watch the game.
6:21 am
bo received big hugs and even got his own personalized jersey. >> and in case you were wondering, florida state saves the biggest come back in school history to beat mississippi, 45 to 34, so bo made have been that good luck charm. brooke, jim? >> hena, did bo know who rudolph was when he sat down with to have lunch with him last week. >> well, bo admits he did not no who rudolph was when the football player sat across from him, but two started talking about sports, bo started about playing in the nba, he grader said talking with rudolph was quote like sitting on a rainbow. >> oh, that is the best. well, he sure knows who he is now, hena, thank you so much. coming up: change in the way credit reporting agencies operate, find out how it will impact your credit score. >> coming up later in our health watch, show you how the time you put your child to bed could impact their health for the rest of their lives. katy? >> and guys, still dealing
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>> now forehead lines. >> from the news journal, police say they've after he dollars wilmington man who used verbal abuse and drugs to force women into commercial sex work, at a string of delaware motels. thirty-two year old martin smith stopped saturday by members of human trafficking task force. >> from the trentonian, 56 year old man was killed yesterday in a early morning trailer fire that investigators say appeared to be caused by careless smoking. firefighters say they were able to quickly extinguish the blaze at the pen sally trail or park, and prevented additional trail ores interest igniting. >> bucks county courier times, citizens bank announced partnering with the national adoption foundation to help families seek to go adopt. bank will offer unsecured personal loans up to $50,000, and will have team of trained loan officers to handle the special needs of those borrowing for adoption. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines, from around the delaware valley. >> well, coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", campaign 2016. >> the post labor day
6:26 am
elections has gun. find out where the candidates will be today. pat? >> good morning. so here with the riley family eating breakfast, getting ready for school. are you guys ready for school? all right, we'll pack our lunches, when we come back, we'll send them off. meisha, how are you doing. >> thank you, looking outside, disable vehicle on 95, serious crash in cinnaminson, and car fire on the turnpike, all of that coming up. first we will take a quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewi
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and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> looking live at bethlehem, lot of sunshine on tap for today. >> temperature on the rise, katie will let us know when we'll see the heat and humidity make a bit of a come back. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm brooke thomas, almost 6:30, here's what you need to
6:30 am
know today in your morning minute. >> bill cosby pretrial hearing begins in just a matter of hours here at the montgomery county courthouse. and by day's end, cosby and his now revamped legal team, could walk out of court, with an in you trial date, and strategy. overnight, president obama became the first sitting us president to visit the nation of laos. hillary clinton is holding a rally this afternoon, the university of south florida, while donald trump holds private campaign event in virginia beach. >> carson wentz will start the game on sunday. >> i was actually laying in the middle of the cornfield hunting when that happened. so i got the call. i was obviously very surprised but instantly just real excited. >> for all of of you that have been laying out your first day back to school outfit, getting your hair all ready to go, looks like good hair day. >> first day of school, everyone like nervous, everyone ready snowing.
6:31 am
>> i think i'm excited. >> and those are the r. ily children. >> they've been kind enough to let us share their first day back to school and very, very first day ever, right, for laney. she has been sharing that with us this morning, we'll check back in with him in a few minute. nice day to wait by the bus stop. >> i would think so. comfortable outside. one of those days too, september, at least the beginning of fall, it is meteorological fall after all, you may need to start breaking out layers. today, isn't necessarily one of those days. it is comfortable enough to go out the door without a jacket right now, later in the day warm enough for shirts and t-shirt. nice day that's unfolding here. there are couple of hiccups that we have to discuss account for cast down the road, generally theme, it is generally dry, and heating up. now looking at storm scan at the localized zoom all pretty quiet, one quick zoom out, still see hermine sitting out there as opposed to tropical cyclone. and it is still going to keep those seas churned up pretty
6:32 am
well at the coastline, coastal flooding threat now really diminished. looking at the current winds speeds, noticeable breeze, give that you, but refreshing outside, generally out of the north and the northwest right now, anywhere from five to ten to as high as 15 miles per hour, at any given location, so it is a breezy day, but not windy day. and it will feel like a nice summer afternoon. as we eventually top off around 87 degrees, at the height of the day. so, mid 80s through the early to mid afternoon. we do again though expect that will be pretty hot afternoon, in the sunshine, and there could be a shower meanwhile at the immediate coastline with hermine still churning off shore. but, that said, not just today, but specially in the days ahead, feels like the height of summer. so coming up tell you just how hot it will get, this as we all head back to work and school. meisha, we send it back to you. >> all right, katie, thank you so much. i want to pull your a schenn sean now to very serious accident, fit al crash in cinnaminson new jersey. truck hit tree little earlier this morning, tow truck on
6:33 am
scene, at riverton road closed near pomona road. alternate church street or branch people probably going to be ooh your best bet. just make note when you drive around here just going to be publicly -- probably very slow, flashing light out, there crews are out there. the tow truck now there. i'll let you know as soon as this road is open. but it is closed right now. so again your best alternate, overstretch other branch pike. car fire out there as well, pa turnpike, two lanes blocked now, one lane was block only for little bit of time. now it is back to two lanes. then the parkway is now all open for all of the festivities it was closed obviously over the weekend, now look good and looking all open. we have disable vehicle on 95 south past cottman. i can let you know it is looking very very slow moving around interstate 95, specially as you push in the southbound direction, northbound direction looks pretty busy as well, but certainly in the southbound side, that's where we are seeing the majority of the slow downs. also, in the world of mass tran it, a lot of changes here as well we will be covering.
6:34 am
new schedules, for city and suburban schedules today starting today actually started sunday as well. and new regional rail schedules, as well, for these eight lines. i will be tweeting this information out as well. we have more coming up in a little bit. brooke, over to you. >> thanks, meisha a in a few hours bill cosby will be back in court for his sexual assault case. he is accused of drugging and sexually as rating adrian constand at his elkins park home 12 years ago, the 79 year old actor and comedian will ask a judge to keep a deposition from constand's civil case out of the trial. stay with "eyewitness news" for the latest updates on this case, throughout the day. well, it is a little more than 62 days until election day. when the campaign ends, and the voters decide. both hillary clinton and donald trump are focusing on swing states, clinton has a rally in florida, trump has private event in virginia. now, jobs were the main topic on labor day from both candidate. trump and runningmates mike pence campaigned in ohio, no
6:35 am
republican has won the presidency without caring the buckeye state. >> in terms of the job, going to hell. >> in anyone willing to work hard should have a job that can support them and their families. >> now, clinton a periods in ohio and illinois. she also debuted her new campaign claim. road with reporters for the first time since launching her bid for the white house. >> new this morning, president obama is reaching out to laos, trying to heal some old war wounds. he referenced the nine year secret bombing campagne during the viet nam war and pledged $90 million to help clear away millions of unexploded bombs. the president and other leaders are attending the meeting of the association every southeast asia nation. >> well this week the credit recording industry will be implementing significant changes to their businesses. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us live from new york to tell you how the changes could impact
6:36 am
you. good morning, jill. >> good morning, you know, earlier this year the three main credit reporting agent cyst ex which fax, experian, and trans union, they agreed multi phase settlement with the new york attorney general. so remember those are the agencies that report your credit information to the scoring companies, and most popular, which is the score. so you might be thinking i don't need to borough money. yesterday the records and scores are being used for more than borrowing and lending. you know that landlords will often use credit data to reach your potential tenants in some states it is legal for perspective employers to check credit. so that the use of credit makes their accuracy all the more important, and what is happening now is going forward, the companies have to facilitate quick removal of errors from your report, next, they have to wait 108 days before adding any medical debt information to done supers credit reports. if you can consider that over half of all debt that sits on
6:37 am
credit report right now is from medical expense, about 43 million americans have that, this is a huge improvement. and, when medical debts are finally paid by that insurance company, regardless of the time frame, those credit agency have to remove the bad ding on your record, and in contrast, most delinquencies and other, for up to seven years, for more on the credit reform going into effect immediately if not sooner, including the fact determine your score go, to jill on money. com. >> thank you, jim, i always suggest people need to check those credit reports, annual credit report. com. it is free because they always contain some sort of errors. >> always, it is very, very importantment thanks so much, jill. >> well, summer is over. back to school for many student in our area. >> "eyewitness news" reporter pat gallen live in south jersey with a family who is getting ready for the first day of school. pat is eating them out of house and home. the kit are getting ready for big day. waist going on, pat? >> now, yes, after we had breakfast earlier, we have to
6:38 am
do the dishes, right, guys? do you have stay clean, of course? it is first day of school. we're with the riley family here in sicklerville, they're so good. we had breakfast, french toast, eggs, bagels, donut, so we're full and ready to go. this is grade i, this is james, we have lane i over here starting kindergarten, this is lori. hi, lore. >> i hi, how are you? >> i'm well. packing lunches today. what's the first day of school, what's it been like for you so far this morning? >> a little chaotic but good. kids are real excited so i think it lab good first day. >> true story i remember my first day every kindergarten, and lanesy is going into kindergarten. my mom had to carry me under her arm into the school because i was kicking and screaming. these kids are great. >> yes, i think so, it will be good, right, laney. go right in the there? she is fine, and boys, they're used to it, right? >> you guys are used to it, james, let me ask you a question, i need an answer. what's your favorite isn't in school? >> art. >> art? yes, you like it draw?
6:39 am
>> yes. >> and you're a hockey player, so do you have do too -- you have to do school and hockey. are you eddie for that? >> yep. >> going into third grade, eight years old. how old are you? >> six. >> and going into first grade? >> yes. >> you play hockey too? >> yes. >> that's a lot. are you ready for all of that homework and who canny? >> yes? >> wednesday. >> wednesday, good. so let's pack some lunches. are you ready? what do you want? what's this here? >> oh, that's laney's right there. we have some cliff bars, laney, you're going into kindergarten, are you so excited? >> yes. >> how about that bo on your head? i love that bo. oh, you're so cute. so guys, we have breakfast, i'll have to clean up, as you mention i just ate them out of house and home. we'll see them go off to the bus in couple of minutes. are you guys ready to go? everyone? i've never seen three kids so excited about going to school. i was not like that. i promise you. but they have got me up early this morning, doing some
6:40 am
conditions, eating some breakfast, awesome guys, you guys are awesome. >> we're ready. ready to do it? jim, brooke, they're ready, are you ready for the first day of school in yeah, we're red. >> i that's so awesome. >> love the uniforms. those are great uniforms those kids v philadelphia students go back to school tomorrow. coming up school superintendent doctor william hite joins us live to talk about the upcoming school year. >> plus, possible link between antibiotics and allergies, we'll tell you what doctors now say about babies and the toddlers taking the medication. >> doctor hite is looking so panic, as well. the reason why, and when she'll take the stage, coming back.
6:41 am
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most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ welcome back, comedian chevy chase has entered rehab for what his reps are calling a tuneup relate to go an alcohol problem. >> that was no secret. he had struggled with substance abuse in the past and his publicist confirmed chase recently checked in in minnisota the 72 year old star is best known for his work on saturday night live, and the vacation movies. >> of course. >> meanwhile, rene sellinger, also back for the third installment of the popular franchise, joining them for the first time is graze anatomy star patrick dempsey. >> this time around bridgette get pregnant but doesn't no who the father is. this is the first bridgette jones move any six years, it opens in theatres next friday,
6:45 am
september 16th. >> but bridgette jones new she was pregnant, unlike our story earlier. >> attention beyonce fans. met life stadium in east rutherford new jersey has postponed tomorrow's concert. officials is a i beyonce just needs little rest, has concert in philly at the linc later this month, and we are told that concert is still on. >> good news for us, kate. >> i yes, definately. it was hard for her to postpone that, she is a hard worker. >> and we are beyonce fans here, right? >> i like her, not a big fan, great entertainer, i will say that. >> i'm not going to spends that much money for a ticket, just get a cd. >> cd? people don't know what that is? >> record, i'll listen on a record. (laughing). >> jim, you're great. i would love to know how many kids are waking up with us this morning and headed to school for the first day back and have any idea when a eight
6:46 am
track s i would love to know the answer to. that will okay, guys, we wake up at the crack every dawn here this morning, good morning, happy post labor day. back to school for so many of us. here to get you off on right foot, temperatures generally low 70s, mid or upper 60s depending on your location, the further nor go, the cooler it tends to be because you don't have the urban heating and not close to the ocean and don't have heck of a lot of cloud cover in the spots. welcome back, dawn, lots of sunshine for her at 65 degrees, we take you further south into northern delaware, at 66, coming in this morning from sally. also, in full sunshine, in wilmington. but, as we go little bit further off to the east, let's go on out to this observation, where it is margo this time reporting, again, some sunshine, but there are some clouds that are billowing in on the satelite as you head out that way a little bit. but regardless, finding the sun in many spots today. that comes the story region widement look at storm scan, still got what's left at this
6:47 am
point of hermine. and i know, it feels like we've been talking about this for a week, granted we have but the system has been so sluggish, and still out here, guys. still churning up the surf, keeping those rip currents extra hi, or at least extra dangerous, and the surf text interest high as well. best advice is this: don't even risk it, don't go in the waves today. the waves are anywhere from four to 5 feet high at the immediate coast. but again the rip currents risk is still out there. remember, rip current doesn't pill you under. it will pull you out. so, it makes it extra dangerous. so regardless, with the ocean conditions unsafe, don't risk it, stay on dry landment could be stray shower at the immediate coast. look how hot it gets. i mean, like we're in the height of summer here, too bad some of the pools are closed highs to the 90s even into the weaken here, friday flirts with record. but it look like frontal passage will cool us back down tip cam levels on the thermometer by eagles game day sunday. meisha? >> exciting, all right, katie, thank you so much. we completely switch gears.
6:48 am
talk about a very serious crash here. we have live chopper three, over this crash in cinnaminson, new jersey, a truck hit a tree, the tow truck, as you can see, is on scene. crews are out there trying to get this remedy for you. but if you are anywhere around this area, you certainly absolutely want to avoid the area if you can. and alternate for around here is going to be church street or branch pike, those every in you and around the area, also see from the live shot how many crews are actually out there. for those every in you this area cinnaminson new jersey truck hit a tree, do you have maneuver around this area as best you can. we have another serious accident out there, if i can switch, go to maps here, event in upper darby, another area that you will want to give yourself couple every extra minutes, then car fire, the fire has been put out now, pa turnpike westbound norristown, right lane is block there. also, you guys, getting very, very bus any jersey. forty-two freeway northbound at creek road.
6:49 am
see if you are approaching 295, almost stopped here in the far left lane. so again, very, very busy out there, certainly want to give yourself some extra time this morning, jim, over to you. >> thank you, time is 6:49. a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live with a pro view. good morning, nora. >> good morning to you, brooke, jim, ahead the presidential race kicks into high gear, on the campaign trail both candidates took questions from reporters on their planes. plus only on cbs this morning the lawyers for owen lapre, former prep school student convicted of sexual assault. they'll give first response to the victims who spoke out. >> also in miami with new line of attack launched overnight to battle seek a. and oprah reveals her next book club selection. the author will be here in studio 57. the news is back in the morning, see you in about ten minutes. >> that's awesome. we will be watching, thanks, nora. in this morning's health watch. link between antibiotics and allergies. >> new remember search from the netherlands suggest taking antibiotics early in life may
6:50 am
raise the ritz being every developing allergies later on. doctor fawn babies giving antibiotics first two years of life to up 42% more at risk for ex if a ma, up to 56 more likely to develop hey fever. >> early bed time could have lasting effect on kid. researchers already linked lack of sleep to obesity, but new study suggesting having late bed time is linked to greater obesity risk later in life as well. doctors recommend preschool age children go to bed by 8:00. they also strongly urge parent to stick to regular bed time routine. >> and early bed time is specially important during the school year. and for philadelphia student, it is back to class tomorrow morning. >> as teachers and student prepare for the first day of classes philadelphia school superintendent doctor william hite junior preparing for the year ahead. joins us in the studio to kick off the school year. good morning, doctor hite. >> good morning, good morning, so what do you have planned for tomorrow? anything special? >> a lot of plans for tomorrow. first day, we want to kick off
6:51 am
with a bell ringing, and the mayor will be joining us to beginning the bell to begin this school year. we will welcome back over 130,000 young people to our schools and our schools now have resources we haven't had the benefit of the last couple of years, in the midst of $440 million investment, we have new technology, new math and reading books, new materials, hydration stations in schools, nurse and counselor in every school building, so we're very excited about this year and what it bridges. >> lots going on. >> indeed. >> so i hear this year the school district is emphasizing kinds of the importance of student attendance, what do you think are the challenges? >> kim of things, number one, particularly early years, we want to make sure that children get to school on time. generally begins to be party, party turns later to absences
6:52 am
so one of the things we want to stretch is to make sure that individuals get their children to school on time. the other thing is that one of the grades where we have the highest absenteeism is kindergarten. and so one of the things we want to stress, emphasize to all parent, is to ensure that they get their child to school every day. because we can't teach them to read, to write, to do math if they're not if school. so getting the children to school is extremely important. >> so start learning that behavior early. >> indeed. >> staffing has been a problem in the past few years watch are we looking forward to to staffing for this year. >> looking for 99% of our vacancies to be filled. we have hired over 700 teachers over the summer, and we're very excited about that. so our fill rate is right at 99% we are still filling vacancy, but subs in all classrooms, so feeling very good about that. and in addition to that, 2500
6:53 am
of our teachers over the summer participated in professional development, and multiple things, so they're set, and ready to go, as women. we're very excited about the thought of the school year. >> that's really great. now one of the goals of the school system to prepare school student for the laters years, high school, going off to college watch are some of the things the school district is work to go do to make sure student are engaged, and ready? >> couple of things. so, number one, last year was the first year we provided for all high school student, the psat. so every high school student, had the opportunity to take the psat. and oh, yes, it was a big deal. this year actually going to have the sat for all high school student, during the school day. that's one thing we will do. the whole reason to ensure all of our student lent have access to the opportunities that come along with taking the psat and the sat. in addition, we are focusing on high schools this year. and that high school focus
6:54 am
will include and look at career technical education programs, new technology, new engagement activity for all of our high school student, so, we're very excited about that work. that is happening as well. in addition to all of the work that's happening in the younger years with their early literacy initiative. so part of what we have set out to do over the pass several years is to stabilize ourselves so now we can begin focusing on the critically important early years, and the high school years, that will move, that children will experience just before they go off to college or into the work force. >> well i have to say this is different conversation than we've been seeing in the past. this is a bright full your. looking forward to see what happens this school year. >> and so am i. this is a less stress fall although very excited but don't have the looming catastrophes from the past few years, so excited four our staff members, students, most importantly for our families.
6:55 am
>> just great. thank you so much. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> we'll be right back with three to when it comes to risking social sepat toomey wrote the book. .. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions.
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that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. >> more traffic, mostly school buses as classes resume in many school district.
6:59 am
philly schools open tomorrow. >> it is back to court for bumm cosby, his team line defense team will ask a judge to throw out a deposition in his sexual assault case. >> and carson wentz will be the starting quarterback for the philadelphia eagles, for the season opener sunday. and that's three to go. >> let's get last check on weather answer traffic. >> looking pretty good outside, little to deal with at the shore, clouds, comfort tonight start another day. >> fatal crash in cinnaminson new jersey truck hit a tree, riverton road cleared near pomona road. alternate church street is your alternate. >> cbs this morning is next. >> we leaf this morning with a live picture of the reilly family getting ready in sicklerville, new jersey, the children are adorable and ready. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
>> bye! ♪ good morning. it is tuesday, september 6th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." hillary clinton and donald trump crossed paths in the september campaign sprint. trump faces questions about a donation to support partisan attorney general who is considering an investigation and to trump university. more news overnight over zika. and questions grow over mosquito killing chemicals some considering dangerous. and the prep school student convicted of sexual assault explain why they believe their clienter


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